Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A confession

 Hi, my name is Carol, and I'm a "Chuck"aholic. I could go into a cutesy little post about how it started so innocently, but I'm going to skip right to the meat of it. I don't know why this show keeps me up at night, but it does. I caught up on three episodes I had missed by purchasing them on Luckily, two episodes were packaged together. By Monday, when the next show airs, I'll be completely caught up.

And this post is not meant to mock groups like AA or NA. My point is that I do have a problem. I can't get enough of "Chuck." It does affect my behavior and other aspects of my life. The fact that I just finished watching three episodes in a row - that I purchased online - and it's nearly 2 a.m. should prove that.

Tuesday morning I had a "Chuck" dream. (Kind of like "Chuck versus the Coup d'Etat") There's got to be a warning sign in that.

I'm going to bed now, only to get up again in 3 hours. Wish me luck.

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