Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Yesterday, I took Cayla into town. I had to return a video (The Phantom Tollbooth - Cayla loved it, Amanda didn't watch the whole thing). We went to Taco Bell so she could try a taco. She wasn't happy. It costs 10 cents more than Taco Tico, they charge extra for tomato (which is cut into pieces instead of sliced), she didn't like the taste and she said her tummy hurt. After Taco Bell, we went to Walmart to get ingredients for spaghetti. As soon as we were done getting the stuff (at the self-serve checkout), Cayla got a nosebleed. She went to the bathroom, I stashed out stuff with the Service Desk and went to buy a box of kleenex for her. When I got to the bathroom, her nosebleed was over. Then she got the hiccups Cayla blames the nosebleed and hiccups on the Taco Bell taco.

So, then we went to Taco Tico for a taco that she would like. She was mightily pleased.

We dropped off the video and headed downtown to see what was going on with the RAGBRAI festivities. We parked south of The Messenger building and walked down to the square. Cayla found a game of Twister in progress and joined in the next game. She loves Twister. She kept trying to start a new game even when nobody wanted to play.

We also encountered a clown who recognized Cayla from Fall Fest. This clown does spinning plates - plates are plastic and shaped with a cone in the middle. Cayla did the trick at Fall Fest and at RAGBRAI.. She likes that, too.

So, it was a little mom-and-daughter time for just the two of us. ;)

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