Sunday, July 4, 2004

Car issues

I broke the driver's seat in my car Thursday night. It's broken inside, near the lever. So I am very careful about how I sit. I don't lean back too hard.

Yesterday, on the way to work, my odometer rolled over to 278,000 miles.

I don't lock my car any more (except last night) because when I do, the front passenger door tends to not unlock. This forces Mom to sit in the back seat when I drive her places, and she won't/can't use the seat belt in the back.

Last night I left work and went to Hy-Vee. During my shopping trip, I realized how tired I was and called Kent to ask him to come into town and pick me up. He and the girls came to get me. I parked my car in the Big Lots parking lot away from the store, and locked it. We haven't gone back to get it yet.

I had to go into town this morning by myself because I found out we were completely out of toilet paper. I thought we had some in the small bathroom, but found out I was wrong. I wanted to have Kent drive and the girls would have to go, but Cayla wouldn't wake up. So I went by myself.

We need to get our sleep cycles back to something closer to normal. Amanda is staying up all night to play Graal and sleeping during the day. I'm staying up late (or early, if you want to look at it that way). Cayla stays up late, too. She's always hard to wake up, even when she sleeps "regular" hours.

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