Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Kingdom of Loathing

My new time-waster is Kingdom of Loathing. I spend too much time on this game. It's funny and different - you will have to see for yourself.

Amanda's birthday was yesterday. We went to the library for a magic show with Allen Roen. It was pretty cool. We went home for awhile, I took a nap, then we went to a nature program at Kennedy Park and to Pizza Hut for supper. (Kids eat free on Tuesday nights)

Amanda's friend Tabitha gave her a couple of books about horses - instant hit. Cayla and I picked out a small Magnetix kit for Amanda. She loves it. I think I'll get her a bigger set tomorrow when I get paid. I just noticed that on the side of the box it tells you what color the pieces are - we got her yellow, but her favorite color is red. I want to get her a set that has more kinds of pieces.

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