Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Rock, Paper, Saddam

Rock, Paper, Saddam is pretty funny. :) There is a bit of profanity.

I ran over a skunk on the way home from work tonight. I don't think I hit it, just ran over it. However, I did scare the crap out of it, so to speak. I didn't smell anything until I got out of the car, then I smelled a faint skunk smell. It seems to be getting a little stronger.

I've had Gmail for over a week and still no invitations to share.I promised to share my first invite on Hatrack and haven't been able to keep my promise.

While at work tonight, I heard a call on the scanner about a 10-50 (accident) involving an ATV. The first call said it was at 400 Rake Street in Otho. Subsequent messages from the LEC dispatcher said it was on Highway Street next to the park. Highway Street is one block west of the park, which is bounded by Rake Street on the west. So, the first address was right. They got it right eventually.

Sunday I was at work and asked Kent to tape "The Music Man" for me. He had Amanda do it. She started it when asked, and it ran for 2 hours. Unfortunately, the movie is longer than 2 hours. Oh, well. We had better figure this out before Friday night, because the (2-hour) season premiere of Stargate SG-1 will be on and I have to work.

Okay, enough random babble for now.


Anonymous said...

poor you and Poooor skunk,are you sure you didn't kill it?

Carol said...

I'm pretty sure I didn't kill the skunk or the car would have smelled much, much worse. I think I drove over it with the skunk between the tires and it was just scared. Also, I never saw a carcass on that road after that.