Friday, June 13, 2003

My mom read my blog! Hi, Mom!

My car was down for the count for a few days (again!). On June 5, there was a terrific rainstorm as I was returning to work and I drove through some hubcap-high water. The car seemed fine that night, but the next day it wouldn't start. I knew I had gotten the starter replaced last year, but here it was conking out again. I tried Friday and Saturday to start it, then left it Sunday and Monday. When I tried on Tuesday, it turned over, so I drove it into town (with Cayla as passenger) and left it at the mechanic's. Kent drove in with Amanda and we all drove back home together, then I drove Kent's car to work.

Saturday (June 7), the girls and I walked in the Frontier Days Parade. I have posted some of the pictures here. Cayla walked with the group from church. In order to do that, since they were meeting way too early for my taste, she stayed overnight at Donna's.

Amanda didn't want to walk with them, so she went with me. I went with a group from work (The Messenger) and handed out newspapers. Amanda and I weren't quite quick enough and there weren't enough delivery bags to go around, so we missed out and had to carry our papers in our arms.

The hardest part was retrieving new stacks of papers from the back of a van in motion. The worst few moments were when I lost sight of Amanda and frantically looked forwards, backwards and all around without finding her. I walked back behind the next group, then forward again, and had actually dialed 911 on my cell phone when I saw her ahead of me near the Messenger van. Whew!

Amanda and I got to wait quite awhile before the group from church came along. When Jessica and Suzanna brought Cayla to my work, we waited for Kent to come with his car. He gave Jessica and Suzanna a ride home, then we went home. I rested a bit, then went to work. We didn't go to the Fort for any of the Frontier Days activities.

Now it's 2 a.m., I've been up too late yet again, and I have to work in the morning. We're planning to go to Stratford for Stratford Telephone's 100 year celebration. That's our cable company, so we got an invitation and drawing ticket with the cable bill. The tickets have to be presented in person - not mailed in. Fortunately, I will be taking a digital camera from work and taking pictures, so I get to put the time on my time card. At least some of the time. And, it's kind of cool to see my name on the photo credit line. I took pictures at a fire once and we used one of them.

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