Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Catching up:

Kent is being very agreeable, I think he's realized that he can't really make it living on his own if the girls and I move out.

Saturday: started out for the first two-mile walk of the plan. Cayla came with, on her bike, but pooped out at the half-way point (a mile from home). I had the cell phone, called home & Kent came to pick her up. I would have walked the rest of the way, but he said he wanted to walk, too. We all went to the park, left the kids there and continued on to the school. Back to the park, called the Otho Pub to place our order for loaded hash browns, convenience store, pub, home. I shared my hash browns with the girls.

Sunday night Cayla was playing with the neighbors across the street and was beaned in the head with a bat wielded by a 6-yr-old. Two hours in the ER and a CT scan later, she's fine.

Monday: started to do the walk, kids were cranky & arguing, so we went around the block and back home. I did my walk at 10:30 p.m. with Cayla. I made her walk, not ride her bike, because it was dark, so she pooped out on me. Not her fault. We didn't go all the way to the front door of the school (my half-way point for one mile), and we cut through the park instead of going square on the streets. We saw lightning and Cayla just wanted to get home.

The storm hit around 2 a.m. as I had just dropped off to sleep. Cayla was already in bed with us, knowing there would be a storm, she was scared. When the wind picked up so suddenly and I saw whatt he radar looked like, I made Amanda get up and join us in bed. There's an absolutely huge tree in the neighbor's yard next to that side of the mobile. If it fell our way, it would crush that part of the mobile.(Actually, it might crush the whole thing - it's that long!)

Anyway, I wasn't so worried about Amanda then, but I was sandwiched between two sweaty girls and that didn't make it easy to sleep. I finally made Amanda go back to her own bed.

Tuesday: I had asked Kent to wake me at 6 so I could do my walk. I actually got up at 6:45. Did my walk, regular route (up HIghway Street, over to Railroad, back south on Railroad and then home). Did a couple of things on the computer, then back to bed. I set the cell phone alarm to 10:30.

Mom called, wanting a ride to her friend's house. I said okay, back to sleep. When I finally got up & got ready and all, found the battery in my car was dead. Apparently (from my own deduction, since this happened before), if I turn on the dome light I need to be absolutely sure it's all the way off. I think there's an in-between setting where the dome light doesn't light up, but does run down the battery. So, I had to wait til Kent got home to jump start my car. Bummer. And, Mom called me after I told her I couldn't take her anywhere today, to rant that she'll never loan us money again because Kent won't let her ride in his car. Well, that's true, but that wasn't the situation today. Kent had his car at work. I would have had to walk at least 10 miles to pick it up. I don't think so.

Kent's bummer was that I couldn't bring him lunch. He had to wait until he got home at 4 p.m. When I left here, I went to Taco Tico and used gift certificates that Mom had given me. Then, work.

All my work was done by 10:30 p.m. but I had to stay until 1 a.m. I'm supposed to wait for the call - at least I think I am. If this has changed, nobody has told me about it.This is bad on two counts: the Sports Department was there, too - at least Eric, Chris and Dana. They stayed until nearly 1 but didn't call Webster City (I think they never do), and since I had supper before going to work, I didn't take a break ... in eight hours. It's bad enough having to wait around after my work gets done (and do make-work), but the Sports guys start talking trash after the News person in charge leaves (Bob, Barbara, Deanna). So, I had to sit and listen to the obscenities rolling through the room. If Sports thinks the arrangement has changed and I don't have to wait, they should tell me. I'm not staying because I like listening to them rant.

I'm so tired, and I'm hungry... but we don't have much that's just ready-to-eat. I know I'll want to sleep in in the morning. I guess I'll have some Post Toasties and go to bed.

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