Saturday, June 28, 2003

Another storm last night and I was going to have the girls sleep with us. I don't know why I suddenly am obsessed with the thought that the neighbor's tree might fall on our mobile, but I am. Anyway, I happened to take a close look at Cayla's hair and she's not going to be sleeping with me anytime soon. She has lice. After three years of not having to worry about it, it's happened again.

I know that lice just don't happen, you get them from someone else. Now I have to wonder which of their friends "shared" with her. Amanda seemed free of them, but I need to locate the electronic comb. I just realized I let her go to her friends' house across the street - forgetting they could be the source. Darn. Apparently it's not going to be my day.

Things I want to do: rearrange living room, bring white dresser in for tv stand, move tv stand into girls' room for computer, finish putting Otho Pub menu online, put all books on shelves, get all laundry put away...

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