Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good timing and a happy ending

Cayla didn't get ready in time for Seminary, so she asked me to let her sleep for half an hour before getting ready to catch the bus. We were actually at the bus stop when the bus was there when she realized that she didn't have some homework she needs to turn in today. So we let the bus leave and headed home to get the papers.

The bus makes three stops in our town, so we headed to the third stop after she got her homework. The kids were standing in the road, and one was playing with a dog. The dog got loose, so I stopped short of the bus stop and told the kid to make sure the dog was put away before the bus arrived. He said the dog was just loose, so I told him to put the dog in my back seat so it wouldn't get hit by the bus. I parked in a driveway until the bus left.

There was a car waiting for the bus to leave. I let the dog out and it ran for the car. I yelled at the dog, but it went around the (now stopped) car and in the driver's side. I went up and tapped on the window to ask if the dog belonged to the driver.

Yes, he said, that was his dog. It got out of its leash and ran off. I was happy to see that the dog got back to its rightful owner safely. And it was because of Cayla being too late for Seminary and then forgetting her homework at home.

The reason I was so willing (anxious, even) to let a strange dog in my car is that when I was in fifth or sixth grade, we had a German shepherd puppy named Ginger. One morning Donna and I played with Ginger (who was being kept in the shed behind the house) while waiting for our bus, but when the bus came we quickly shut the door and ran to the end of the driveway.

The door wasn't shut properly, though, and Ginger got out. She ran after the bus and under the wheels and was killed. It was sad and totally our fault, and I am glad that I was able to prevent this from happening today to someone else's dog.

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