Monday, May 28, 2007

So, how was your day?

So far, weird. Kent got all upset last night. A couple of things he had a point about, but the others he's just being unreasonable. I got a call from work and had to walk a photographer through the steps for uploading photos to The Messenger's CU site. I went step-by-step and it took awhile. Apparently Kent had walked by me and said "I want my computer" but I didn't hear him. So he was pouting about that and a couple other things I did wrong.

This morning he was still sulking until he found out that Donna was coming out to get me and would bring him a pack of cigarettes. Then he got - I was going to say cheerful - civilized. At least he wasn't biting my head off. He's going to have to restart the Chantix when we get the money - and go for the whole three months' supply.

So, Donna came out to bring me into town. I'm doing laundry at her place and she or Suzanna will take me to work. Suzanna will take me home tonight. Tomorrow, Tanya Brown will take me to work. I don't know how I'm getting home, unless Donna is off.

I hope my check comes tomorrow. I'm thinking of getting the car fixed. That will mean having it towed into town so that I don't cause more damage, and hoping that the engine block isn't cracked. If the car is fixable and costs less than $800, I'll have some left for bills and stuff. I want a small freezer - they cost about $150 at Menards and they'll deliver for $35 or so. I know we want to move back into town, but until we get rid of a bunch of crap and move stuff we want to keep into storage (which I am behind paying for), we can't even start looking.

School is out on Thursday, so at least I'll be able to sleep in the mornings. That's one bright point to look forward to.

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