Thursday, May 24, 2007

Name that kitty

So ... we got a new kitten last week - on May 15, actually. He's still small, though he was old enough to leave his mother. He was an outdoors cat at the Johns' in Webster City. Debbie mentioned that she had kittens to give away and Donna decided she must have one (to go with the other 7 cats she already has). I had been thinking about getting another cat recently - although I was thinking of getting an older cat at the shelter. But, I decided to tag along with Donna.

So, we went to WC and Donna picked the black kitten with white paws and white under his chin. I took the last kitten - sort of a tabby but more marbled than striped. He also has white paws and a white belly and white under his chin.

But we haven't named him yet. I suggested Nebula, because our other cat is Comet and I thought that astronomical names would be cool. I can't remember what other names we've considered over the past few days. Amanda wants to name him Vicious because he attacks things, but I don't think he's trying to be mean - he's just being a kitten. With razor-sharp claws, BTW.

My latest suggestion is Cuidado. It means caution in Spanish. I checked at to find words in Spanish or German that mean caution or warning, and this seems like the best choice.

But we're still open to suggestions ... any ideas?

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