Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yesterday - what a day

Yeah, I was too tired to post last night, plus too busy. I worked 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., went to lunch. Returned at 2:30, worked til 6 p.m., went to supper. Came back at 7, worked til 10:30. Went home, started a load of laundry, fed the cat, checked my e-mail in case Kent or the girls e-mailed me (no, but I had to deal with an e-mail issue from someone on a Yahoo group I moderate - the moderated member had posted the same thing four times in just a few minutes). Took a shower, had something to eat, went to bed. Somewhere in there is took out the garbage and brought in my sodas, which I forgot to do when I got home. Which meant that I had to wait til one was cold (put in freezer, luckily didn't forget to get it out.)

My muscles and joints hurt. I need to call the doctor's office about that. I also need to ask them if you can get tetanus from a cut received in a dusty storeroom while working with rusty staples. No farm animals up there, which is a classic source of tetanus. But, I'd probably better get a shot to be safe.

So, I've got to go to work this morning. I have a committee meeting at noon, and will probably work on the Sunday Lifestyle section. I've got a little finishing up to do with the books, but hopefully that won't take long (or be too messy - I've decided to wear regular work clothes, which means business attire, not jeans and T-shirt).

I just left a message for the person who is coordinating the transfer of the pages to a company that will duplicate them. I called him because I didn't remember leaving him a message last night. While I was talking, my words seemed familiar - now I think I did leave him pretty much that same message last night. Oh, well, I guess I really meant it.

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