Thursday, July 13, 2006

On the road again?

I semi-finished that project at work. There is more that can be done, but with stuff that we have on CDs, so not with big, heavy, dusty old books. I've also got lots more writing to do. If I really put my mind to it, I could probably finish my last three articles this week. Well, one has to be done by Saturday morning, but the other two could be done next week. Maybe.

And, it's Amanda's birthday. I called at 8:04 p.m. (the time she was born) and Michelle told me they were on their way home. What?!? Kent had called me at work and said they would be leaving in the morning. At least, that's what I think he said - we had a tornado siren going and I had to hang up so I could go down in the basement. We didn't have to stay long, luckily. Once during a bad storm, we were down there for about an hour. Rain was coming in through a couple of cracks in the walls/foundation and backing up in a drain, producing a horrible smell. Today wasn't so bad, except for the fact that I came to work late and finished the Lifestyle section at 6:30 p.m. - an hour and a half past deadline.

The reason I went to work late was because of a stop I made while running errands this morning. Mom wanted a ride to Gary's house to pick up a few things his brother had put aside for her. She had asked Pat for anything related to our church, and Pat is being very kind to let her have the stuff. While we were there, I happened to see some old photographs in the large trash container. Many of them are in the 100-year-old range. Pat was tossing them because the people in the photos are not identified. I rescued as many as I could. I'll probably give them to the Webster County Museum or Webster County Historical Society. There were some old school-type books, a couple of military field manuals (one was drawing), and three ledger-type books with information relating to a local Catholic church. I'm going to contact them to see if they are interested. Otherwise, the museum or historical society most likely would want them.

Anyway, while I was trying to rescue the old photos, I got all sweaty, so I took Mom to her home and went home to get cleaned up. That's why I was late to work. Oh, and another thing I was given at Gary's house: five Heinlein books, including "Tunnel in the Sky." I've been wanting to reread that one since someone on Hatrack mentioned it.

This post goes back and forth in time. I'm going to back up just a little bit farther. This morning I sent Amanda several virtual birthday cards. I know she saw one of them, but I don't know about the others. I also don't know if she liked the gift I sent along for her to open while she was gone.

I wonder where they are right now? I called Kent's cell phone but he didn't answer, so I left a message. I bet he left it in his bag, turned off. I hope he calls to let me know their progress.

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