Sunday, May 27, 2012

What a pain


Cayla and I got to church late - after Sacrament Meeting.

I attended Sunday School, but during Relief Society the pain in my back got pretty bad so I went out to the foyer. Jacqui asked me what was wrong and the floodgates opened.

Later on, I figured it is like walking and chewing gum for those who have difficulties with that kind of thing. In my case, I could manage my reaction to the pain better if I wasn't trying to carry on a conversation at the same time (or drive, as I found out later).

Another factor is stress - I am definitely stressed out lately, what with having to move and not having found a place yet ...

So, the combination of being stressed out, being in a lot of pain and having to talk to people just made me cry to no end today. At church. In public.

It was the ugly cry. The tears rolling down, snot dripping, whiny voice, ugly cry. And I couldn't stop for the longest time.

I would get sort of calmed down and then someone else would ask what was wrong and there I would go again.

Eventually, I got it under control. I got a blessing from the elders, and it was potluck day (which I forgot, so I didn't bring anything). But I got fed, thanks to people who bring extra (and I'll try not to forget next month). And between the blessing and the getting fed (another possible part of the equation could be low blood sugar), I felt better.

Then I had to wait for the bishop's youth discussion to be over, so I could take Cayla home. While that was going on, I went to Walmart because my ox was in the mire we were out of cat food. After BYD, Cayla and I dropped off boxes at the storage that she had put in the trunk yesterday, then we went home.

At this moment, I don't have any pain. (I took two more ibuprofen this afternoon.) That could change as soon as I get up from this chair. And who knows what will happen tomorrow.

But at this moment, I am pain-free.


Neela said...

Crying at church is the worst. People just have to be all nice and concerned and it just makes everything worse! I'm glad you got a blessing. And that you got to eat. And that you got cat food (hungry cats are mean cats). Hope your back feels better soon. Ibuprophen is da bomb! So is a really supportive bra. And stretching really helps too.

Kiraa said...

Thank you Neela for being a support for Carol. Carol, I've noy done the ugly cry in public but I can just imagine. Stress can do wacky things to the body. I know from experience. When things settle a bit here, let's talk about getting us both to the chiropractor. Believe me, that also will help the pain.

Carol Foltz said...

Thank you both for your comments. Wow - my cousin and my sister! :-)

D- Sister Fuller offered to hook me up with a guy who does something for her involving a brass rod and electricity ... I gave her my card but I'm really not sure about the whole thing.

N- A really supportive bra would be really nice ...

And as soon as I got up and went to bed, the pain came back, a bit, plus I had to kneel on my bed to open a window and it feels like I've been kicked in the knee, although I have no recollection of what would cause that. So I did go to bed in some pain.

And nearly the first thing I did this morning was take an ibuprofen. Yesterday I had taken 2 before church but didn't bring them with me, so when the pain hit, I had nothing to take.