Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pigs Must Fly giveaway

First, I have to say that I know and work with the author (Jane Curtis writing as Edna Flannigan), and consider her a friend. So, for what it's worth, here is my review:

I really enjoyed "Pigs Must Fly." It tells the story of Iris Haugsdahl, who was unloved and unappreciated by her parents, who married but felt unloved and unappreciated by her husband, a dairy farmer. When her husband dies after they had made plans to go to Las Vegas so he could receive a veteran's award, she goes anyway and has the adventure of her life. Iris meets Kitty Velour, a transgender lounge singer.

A mishap makes Kitty feel responsible for Iris, so Kitty brings Iris under her wing, so to speak. Throw in the Stimples, Iris's obnoxious neighbors from Iowa; Dave Handy, a "pipefitter" from Idaho; and Ms. Nicole, a canasta-playing psychic, and things start getting out of hand. Iris slips the leash and gets in a little trouble on her own.

This is the kind of book I find myself wanting to read bits out loud to unsuspecting people. It's a book I will read again and again.

And Jane/Edna has offered a copy of "Pigs Must Fly" that she will autograph for the winner of the giveaway. It is also available at Amazon.com for $13.95 for the paperback and $0.99 for the Kindle edition.

The book will be mailed by me, so if the winner is located in the U.S., I will mail the book. If the winner is outside the U.S., I will offer another prize worth $10 (probably an Amazon code) and pick a second winner for the book. If the second winner is also outside the U.S., I will keep picking until I find a winner inside the U.S. There will only be one consolation prize and that is only if the original winner is not in the U.S. Entrants should be at least 18 years old.

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Katherine said...

I love to read historical fiction...I
also enjoy reading books about WWII and relationships.

Andrea Reaves said...

I enjoy reading pretty much everything. Right now i'm going through Joann Flukes mystery baking series.