Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An interest in history

One year ago I started a history blog, In Old Fort Dodge. My goal was to have daily updates with transcribed newspaper articles from the early days of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

I've done pretty good ... I slacked off last fall, but still plan to go back and make it up - eventually.

But here's the thing: I signed up on to publish that blog for the Kindle. (Not available for Kindle Fire, however, due to's policy.) You can get a 14-day free subscription - just remember to cancel by the end if you don't want to be charged for it. And if you like it, keep reading.

This whole Kindle publishing thing was an experiment - if people sign up, I get some money. If they don't, I don't have to pay anything, so no worries.

And if you are interested in the blog, feel free to read it at the original site. There is a whole range of material: funny, sad, unusual, tragic - in other words, human life.

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