Monday, June 27, 2011

A series of mishaps, or why I picked a bad week to quit Dr Pepper

I decided to stop drinking Dr Pepper after my last one Friday night. So, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, with headaches on and off.

At church yesterday, I locked my keys (both sets) in the car, necessitating a call to ask my niece Jessica to take Cayla home to get her key. We went home after that.

Our power went out just before midnight last night due to a bad storm and didn't come back on until 11:12 this morning (one minute after I made an 11:11 wish that the power would come back on).

Booboo woke me up at 5 a.m. puking on the foot of my bed. I threw him on the floor and he immediately jumped back up to finish puking on the head of my bed.

I woke up at 8 a.m. (had my alarm set for this purpose) and called the phone company to tell them I would bring the money in today that I was supposed to bring yesterday, and the customer service representative assured me that my service would continue today.

Two hours later I woke up again and tried the phone, but it was disconnected. Apparently Mr. CSR is a liar and also doesn't document his work, because when I finally got through to make a payment on the phone (fourth? fifth? call to them today?) there was no record of that call. There were other calls, including one where the guy (Dennis in Florida) said that if I make the past due payment the service would be turned back on. The last guy gave a different amount, but we finally settled on what I expected.

In between, though, were a trip to the bank to take out money, a trip to the pawn shop to pawn my flat-screen TV, and lunch. Because I hadn't eaten up to that point. And when I got to the phone company, there was a sign that they would be back at 1:30. I left at 1:45 to go buy a prepaid Visa gift card in order to pay the bill over the phone, which I finally accomplished in a phone call using Kent's cell that lasted 30+ minutes.

And all of this adds up to why my first purchase today was a Dr Pepper. And my next purchase might well be one, as well.

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