Saturday, June 11, 2011

My day so far

Got up (always a plus), dressed, and out the door for an ancestry workshop by the DAR. Had McDonald's breakfast on the way there. Was a little late, but no worries. I got some information, learned how to look things up on the public part of the DAR website and learned some things.

Then I went to the flea market. Parked my car, walked all the way to the main building, where I bought Avon deodorant from 2 vendors. I like to spread my money around. ;-) I also got popcorn, which I had to wait for, but it was good.

Then I went looking for eggs. Barbara had raved about the eggs she had bought there before. So I tried to find the vendor. I went north and south from the main building, then all the way north and around, through the barns and back to the main building. Possibly I didn't go far enough south, but even by the time I left the building, I was having problems.

So. Much. Pain.

My left knee, my right knee a bit, my left ankle, my lower back. Whatever benefit my fairly good night's sleep (one interruption, about an hour lost) had gained was competely lost. When I got home, I grabbed a package of cookies and the rest of the milk and that was my lunch. I'm going to take a nap now before I have to go to work.

There is still some grocery shopping in my immediate future, as well. That will be short but not very sweet.

And after all the walking, I never did find the vendor I was looking for, so I ended up going back to one of the Avon vendors because she had a sign for eggs and I bought a dozen there. I hope they are worth it.

Update: More about the pain here, and about the eggs:  I couldn't tell how much of a difference there was between the eggs I bought at the flea market and regular store-bought eggs. Until last night, when I wanted a quick meal and only had one flea market egg left, so I cooked one of each. There is quite a difference. One yolk was yellow and one was orange. I couldn't tell if there was any taste difference, but it certainly looked healthier. And as it turns out, I bought the eggs from the same person Barbara did, I just heard her directions wrong or something.

DAR update: I did some research on at church last Wednesday and found a direct line to a Revolutionary War soldier. I will do research to verify this and might apply to the DAR. Whether I apply to DAR or not, it's valuable information and I'm kind of looking forward to pursuing it.

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