Thursday, June 23, 2011

The dreams we dream

I often have what I call "weird dreams." Because they are. Some make me feel like I wasn't actually asleep, so I wake up nearly as tired as when I went to bed.

Today's was a doozy.

I can only remember a little bit, so I'll give the Cliff Notes version.

It involved the crew of Serenity. Somehow there was a thieving team or mafia upset with them. It may have had something to do with a possible client of Inara's, or a similar situation to "The Train Job" when Mal returned what was stolen and angered Niska.

At any rate, there was a scene (yeah, well, it seemed like a movie) where the bad guys were shooting and the crew decided to try to talk their way out of it. Mal told them the crew would come up and he started up a really long ladder. On the way, he picked up a pan that had been shot, so it had bullets in it. He dumped the bullets into a pan that already had lead, saying something about not wasting it. (My dad used to make bullets for his muzzle-loader, and I got to watch when I was a kid.)

Now it gets weird(er). River told the Doctor (oh, yeah, did I forget to mention it's a Serenity-Doctor Who crossover/mishmash? It is.) that she would do something, but he needed to cross the time (streams? lines? I'm not sure). He got in the TARDIS (and I don't remember which version of the Doctor it was) and she got to work.

Somehow River "fixed" flaws in each of the thieving team. It was like rewriting each person's history. Two of the team members had feelings for each other, and she had them get married. This gave hope to others. One guy was in a wheelchair, and somehow she fixed that, too. She saved the team leader for last. There was a sort of badge or something in the ground with a swirly design and she manipulated that, acting as if the Doctor wasn't coming back and she was trying to reset it.

Then River "fixed" the team leader, who was also in a wheelchair. The leader expected to be healed from whatever cause the problem, but instead, she disappeared. River looked sad and said something about the team not needing her any more. It was like the team leader was erased from history.

There was a little bit more. It was like the original timeline was the way it was because these flawed people got together and their flaws worked things up to a certain point. By taking the certain flaws away, they could go in a more normal direction. The two people who got married (originally a thief and a whore) gave hope to others that they could find love. They didn't have to steal - didn't feel that was the only option available.

There may have been a hint of Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" series in there, as well. I recently finished reading the first three books, and there was a tight-knit thieving crew in the series.

But, yeah, it's just weird. And there's the fact that I woke up with a caffeine hangover - I do know better than to drink (diet) Dr Pepper late at night, but I did anyway. I can't help but think the caffeine had something to do with the dream.

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