Monday, June 20, 2011

A pain update

Since my last post, which was on a very painful day, I did have a couple more days like that. That Sunday (June 12) was pretty bad. By Wednesday it was getting better, until I was getting dressed to take Mom to the podiatrist's office. While pulling my jeans on, my left leg twisted and pulled a muscle or something, causing a lot of pain. I called Donna to see if she could take Mom so I could go back to bed and not have to be out running around, but she didn't have her car. So I went.

Mom's appointment went okay, and we even grabbed something to eat and sat in the car for awhile. The weather was nice and with the windows open it was quite breezy. We were parked in the shade in the Walmart parking lot. I felt the need for a chocolate milkshake, so I went to Ja-Mar's before dropping Mom off at home.

My knee hasn't given me too much grief since then. I've had more problems with muscle cramps in the calf of that leg. But overall it's been slight pain and some weakness.

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