Saturday, March 26, 2011

Timing is everything

I went to the library yesterday between work times. (On Fridays I lay out a Sunday business page and copy edit the rest of that section, then go to lunch and come back to work until around 10:30 or so.)

I was hoping to see Roger Natte there. He's a local historian, in the Webster County Historical Society and Fort Dodge Historic Preservation Commission. I told him about In Old Fort Dodge.

He likes the site, but was particularly excited to see one article I had posted about the high bridge being nearly completed. He hadn't seen that one yet, and he's looking for every possible resource and information about the high bridge, as the Historic Preservation Commission is working to get the high bridge listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I asked if I could scan and use photos from the  Historical Society. He's okay with that, but he got excited and said that I had to see these photos. He showed me a couple of pictures taken in 1912 of an aircraft invented by a Fort Dodge man. He looked around for the article and when he showed it to me, I got excited, too. It was dated March 25, 1912.

This meant that if I wanted to use it, I needed to get it typed and posted right away. So I typed it right then, and Roger sent me an email with the photos. The whole thing is posted here. I also talked to the acting library director, Rita, who said she will try to get a link to In Old Fort Dodge on the library's website. Cool.

This morning's focus on timing means that I can't watch "Who Do You Think You Are?" right now, because I signed up for a family history webinar that starts in 18 minutes. So it's time to go log in.

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