Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't often get involved in the current fads. Although I did have a pet rock the first time they were popular. And a mood ring. But really, I don't subscribed to fads that much.

What I do is my own fads, themes, obsessions or whatever. I played Farmville, Frontierville and Cityville - those last two daily from the time they started until I gave them all up on Jan. 1 of this year. I put in 2-3 hours a day playing Zynga games.

Then there's the food thing. I find a food I like and can eat that thing twice a day for forever, or until I get tired of it. Put some Panda Express pork potstickers in front of me and I can eat them 3 times a day. Especially with my favorite Thai sweet chili sauce. (That I now have four bottles of, thanks to a road trip to Ames on March 1.)

I think my new fad may be family history/genealogy webinars. I just finished one (on using Twitter/Tweetdeck) and signed up for Writing Your Personal History (and Living to Tell About it) which starts in about 10 minutes.

And maybe family search indexing. I just got an email yesterday saying I have completed 100 batches. Yay me. I actually know someone who has done thousands - tens of thousands - of batches. So I do need to get started on my second hundred ...

Side note: My mom says that her dad used to say that he was working on his second million dollars. The first million didn't work out so well, so he was moving on to the second.

That comment may seem out of place, but it actually fits with the family history category. I need to get more family stories - I can get dates and names from official sources, but they don't tell who the people were. My memories of people and what I was told may differ from someone else's, and I just want to document as much as I can while I can.

So let family history be my next fad, and may I control my direction (not letting it become an obsession to the detriment of my other responsibilities) but also may I never give it up.

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