Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The waiting game

Since I renewed hosting at and purchased three new domain names for three distinct blog sites, I've been trying to get them all set up.

I hit a glitch with A Wiser Steward. When doing the original hosting setup, I was asked if I wanted to create a launch page. I thought it was just a placeholder, but later figured out it was a one-page site through Website Tonight. This is a problem, since I want all four sites to be managed with WordPress.

I finally got A Wiser Steward off of Website Tonight, but it will take time for the account to cancel. Now I'm waiting for installation of WordPress at A Vague Recollection to finish, so I can get it started.

On the other hand, it's only been a few days since I actually got the ball rolling on this, so I should be patient. A friend from church is waiting for her baby to arrive, and she's been waiting a lot longer than I have. I should go take Mom on her errand(s) and go to the library. That would occupy my mind.

But, no. I keep going back to the tab and refreshing the page only to see "installing application" is still there.

I also press elevator buttons more than once, and hold down the button when buying pop from a vending machine.

(Update: Installation is complete, and I have a theme installed and a first post. Mom doesn't want to go anywhere today, so I just have to get myself going so I can get to the library. First, though, I'm going to organize the files I have, which is why I bought the file box and folders yesterday.)

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