Friday, February 20, 2009

Random babble

I have a set of classes that meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I have not attended them yet this week. I went today, only a few minutes late, to discover that the classes had been canceled. I didn't think to check the notices online. D'oh. And I parked way the heck out in the west side of the parking lot, so had a long walk to the building where my classes are, then a long walk back.

So I ended up going to drop off Mom's new prescription that she got on Monday that I keep forgetting to drop off. I asked the pharmacists how long, he said 15 minutes, which is what he always says. So I went back to my car and read the Ensign that Mom had given me a few days ago. And I went back in.

Her prescription wasn't ready, so I waited. I ended up standing for about 1/2 hour. I went back out to my car and pulled out a book and read some more, then went back in. Still not ready. I tromped down the stairs to their bathroom, which is actually under the stairs and there's nothing to hang your coat on, then back upstairs. Still not ready. A few minutes later, finally ready. But I complained. I pointed out that if the pharmacist had said "an hour" instead of "15 minutes" I would have gone somewhere else and come back, instead of standing for half an hour. My knees would feel a lot better right now if I had done that.

And I drove through Wendy's for lunch, then parked and ate in my car while reading. I went home and took a nap. Now I'm getting ready to get ready for work. (Delaying until the last possible moment apparently.) I'm off work tomorrow, which is good. I'm going to a R.S. meeting in Ames, and there may be hanging around time later while the presidency is in a meeting, but if I take a book and a notebook, I'll be okay. Plus, one of my favorite people from church is also going, so we can hang out together while we're waiting for our ride home.

Something to look forward to. ;-)

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