Sunday, February 22, 2009

Following new blogs

I've added a couple new blogs to my blogroll. First: Olivia. Olivia is mooshinindy's sister-in-law and the post I was directed to (dated Feb. 22, 2009) is her response to a troll. I'm kind of sorry I didn't see what the troll said, but her response is great.

Second is "Hurley" from Lost: Jorge Garcia. His blog is Dispatches from the Island and he talks about his life and the show. Confession time: I've only seen the first episode of the show - it's on Wednesdays and the girls have church then. But Jorge Garcia kind of looks like my nephew Alex and he has a good sense of humor - definitely a good read.

I also added Cake Wrecks. I check this blog from time to time - it's always a good read and often has me laughing until tears run down my face. The motto is "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." Some are simple spelling errors or mistranslation between what the customer says (filtered through the person taking the order) and what the decorator thought the customer wanted. Some are decorators decorating beyond their abilities. Some are just bad ideas.

so, there are some new entries to my list. I've got ideas for a blog or two I want to start, but little time to pursue the ideas, and one of my main ideas could get me in trouble at work (competition-wise). So I can't take that one where I want to, but I could hand it off to someone else ... if she would/could do it. I want to learn more about WordPress, though, and how to deal with my domains/hosting on I've gotten Amanda a domain name for her clan on Graalonline and set up a site for her, but it overwrote my site, so now I have to get that all figured out. But not tonight. I have a test in Layout Design 2 in the morning - first class - and I only started that chapter today. Yikes.


Olivia Singleton said...


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment in response to my post. And I'm even more so grateful that you specifically mentioned me in a post of your own. How gracious of you. Thank you!

In response to your curiosity about what happened with my troll, I will quickly explain. I worked with this man for a year and then accepted a position with another company. He found my blog through a comment I left on another coworkers blog. I don't post under my real name for purposes such as this one, but he recognized my picture. Because none of my past coworkers would give him the address to my blog, he spent countless hours searching until he finally found it. And once he did, he started making comments in the office about how I'm crazy, etc.

Given that I haven't worked with him for eight months now, I felt it was only proper to make him aware that I know he's lurking in the background and also making comments in places where I can't defend myself.

I hope that fills in the pieces that were missing from my post. Once again, thank you Carol!

Becca said...

Thanks for sharing these sites. I am going to have to go and check them out! Thanks a bunch!


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