Saturday, March 1, 2008

An observation

I've had Bell's palsy manifest at two different times in my life. The first time (1988), I had been mugged and either hit or kicked in the face, and the Bell's palsy came on suddenly a week or so later and lasted a couple of weeks.

The second time was during my second pregnancy (1995). I think that was more gradual. At that time, one eye didn't want to stay closed when I was sleeping, so I ended up using first aid tape to tape it closed at night. It gradually went away, and I think there are no aftereffects, except a very slight difference between the right and left sides of my face.

Even a mild thing like Bell's palsy can freak you out and mess with your life. I bring this up because of a thread on a forum I frequent. One person was asking for advice on symptoms, and Bell's palsy was one of the suggestions for a possible diagnosis. The main advice was, of course, see a doctor. But reading the responses brought back memories of the times I had Bell's palsy.

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