Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's a new holiday in our house!

It's "Snip Snip Eunuchy Day" for Buster. This refers to the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie where Jack Sparrow tells the cannibals that Will Turner is a eunuch. In the middle of his speech, he says "snip snip eunuchy."

Buster wasn't happy when I took him to the vet, but not because he was afraid of the vet - yet. He doesn't like going in the car, and I had bought a cat carrier just for this occasion. I assembled it in the car and brought it in and set it on the floor. He sniffed it and went inside and I shut the door. Then I took him out to the car and drove him to the vet. That was just part of the chain of disasters as far as he was concerned. He was quiet, but scared on the way there.

Poor baby.

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