Saturday, March 1, 2008

Minor rant - work-related

It's really nice to work at a place where you can be sure that when there's a shortage of available people to work on a certain type of project, someone will volunteer/step up. It's reassuring to know that if anybody calls in, or quits, or is unable to get to work for whatever reason, there is someone who can get things done.

Until you realize that you are someone, and it kind of sucks to be the person who is always filling in/volunteering/stepping up. And it's not all volunteer, either. This past week is was a note on a Post-It saying this particular project needs to be done ASAP. I started working on it Monday or Tuesday already, but just to get the pieces together in order to do the main part, which is uploading the information to the Web site. Our esteemed webmaster assured the news editor that it would only take 20 minutes per section.

After about an hour and a half of prep on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember - it's all a blur), I came in Wednesday (MY DAY OFF!!!!) to make sure it all got done. More prep time: The folders had been moved, so I:
Copied each folder to my desktop
Deleted the ads and pasteboard stuff from each page
Updated the links to photos on each page
As each section was updated, I then did "collect for output" for each page
When all sections were collected for output, I dragged the section folders onto a shared server, then went to a computer with Photoshop and saved each photo for the Web (changed image size first, to make uploading faster)

Then, finally, I was ready to upload everything to the Web. (Oh, and the webmaster assures me that he'll make a droplet or something that will process the photos for me for next time. Thanks.) Also, one section is supposed to be uploaded for a sister publication. I emailed the webmaster, asking if he can maybe copy that section online for the other publication. Apparently not - he didn't address that part of my email. Besides doing tedious work, there's nothing I like more than duplicating the tedious work. "Can I do this over and over and over again? Huh, can I?"

I also discovered that for some reason, the paragraph breaks didn't translate when the articles were uploaded. So, after that, I put two < BR > tags at the beginning of each paragraph in the articles in Quark Xpress - it's easier to put them in before pasting the text into the Web program.

I was at work on Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Those hours had be cut from the rest of my week. So, now I have about 5.75 hours left for today, and I'm doing obits, paginating and uploading three sections of Sunday's paper to the Web.

I'm thinking of taking my laptop to work so I can take a long lunch hour and play games or something.

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