Sunday, October 28, 2007

This past week

It's been surprisingly peaceful. Kent returned on Oct. 20. He had been e-mailing me and I decided to see how it goes. He's been back a week and we haven't had any arguments. He even went to church last week, although he wasn't feeling well this morning and he and Amanda stayed home.

He brought back two guinea pigs - more correctly called cavies. They are, yes, a male and female, and yes, she was already pregnant when he brought her. The family he was staying with didn't want them any more.

They are currently in a large plastic storage box with holes in the lid. During the day, if Cayla's room gets hot, I put the box on her bed and have the fan blowing on it. It cools it off without directly blowing on the box. We're planning to get a cage this week somehow. I am going on a trip to Omaha - work-related - and might try to visit a pet store there. The options here are pretty limited.

I'm considering going with a cubes and coroplast-type cage. We can build it ourselves and design what we want. I'm not sure where I can get the Coroplast, though.

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