Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The cavies

I took the cavies (guinea pigs) outside Monday afternoon. It was nearly the last nice day temperature-wise that we will be having until spring. I left the female in the box but took the male out and fashioned a harness out of yarn. He didn't try to escape, just huddled down in the grass for awhile. Then he figured out that he was huddled on grass and started munching.

The female's name is Mercedes Cow. Don't ask. I have no idea how Cayla came up with that name. I just call her "Momma" because she's going to be one. I didn't put her in the grass this time, just had the whole box in the yard.

The male's name is Pumpkin. I can at least understand the logic of that. I'm usually slightly bothered by red-eyed animals, but somehow his eyes don't bother me. I love this picture. He was feeling a bit more adventuresome, sniffing around and so on. He's checking me out - or at least checking out the camera.

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