Monday, June 4, 2007

Update on car situation ... again

So, last week Donna came up with the name of a guy who would buy my car for junk - he's going to part it out. So, I sold it for $50 - thinking it's better than trying to fix something that could cost more than the car is worth. He also bought Donna's van, because the transmission went out.

On Saturday, Kent sold his car for $300 - way less than his original asking price, but better than nothing. The guys were looking at the car when Donna brought me back from Frontier Days so I could get ready for work. She drove me to work then, and we went out the road that leads to Highway 169. Guess what we saw? Yep, Kent's former car, sitting on the side of the road with the hood up. We had advertised it for sale with a bad transmission, he reminded them that the transmission was bad - it would pop out of gear. They drove it anyway. Guess it's their problem now.

So, we officially have no cars. Kent's supposed to look at one tonight - the guy is going to drive out from Manson. I'm not thrilled about having a gas guzzler-type vehicle, but I guess it would be better than nothing. I do have a great support system for getting rides - so far, but I can't rely on my sister and friend forever. There's that whole "wearing our your welcome" bit.

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