Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Truly, a mixed bag

That was yesterday. The morning was pretty quiet, but then the mail came. Kent was waiting for the mailman already, and soon he came back across the street. My check had arrived. There was also an unexpected letter with a monetary gift from a semi-anonymous source. We know who it is, but they haven't given us their address since they moved, so we can't write to them.

So, we all went into town and I cashed the check and money order. Kent got some of the money so he could buy his Chantix refill. He restarted on that today. I kept out money for this month and next month rent. I called our landlord to let him know that Kent would have the money. We did a little grocery shopping and Kent took me to work.

That was the good part. Now for the rest of the story.

Shortly after I got to work, all the servers went down. I mean every last server that we store stuff on. Our IT guy is on vacation, so we were relying on our webmaster (not trained in networking) and a guy from Creative Services (I don't know his networking abilities). Finally, they got the servers back.

Unfortunately, at about the same time the servers returned to service, our AP server went down. However, we didn't realize this for about 3 hours. I was covering the obit desk and copyediting local stuff. I also took a half-hour supper break during that time. It was around 8 p.m. that we figured it out.

So, we called the webmaster at home and he came in. He really didn't know what to do, but kept trying various things. We called the AP and asked for stuff to be resent, which they did, but we didn't get it. Finally, I called the AP tech people and had them talk to the webmaster directly. Soon after, things started working again.

Unfortunately (again), this was after 10 p.m. The news side is supposed to be done by 10:30 p.m. We were nowhere near done. The other paginator (Kid) got his pages done and left. I still had my two pages to finish, and for some reason my computer wasn't communicating with the printer. I tried sending the obits page four times. Finally, we tried it from another computer and that worked. So, I had to send the region page from another computer.

This was also the third time that our new temporary editor was working, so she was trying to do pages 1A and 3A. I helped her finish them and we finally got them sent around 11:37 p.m. The printing plant called to say we would have to resend 1A, but then they called again to say it was okay. *shrug* Whatever. I fixed one thing that I saw and resent it anyway, because I would be leaving as soon as Kent came to get me.

This isn't even the end of the story. During the evening, the sports photographer said that CU was down. I tried to log in, and could, but she said she could log in but not do anything. I didn't have time to pursue that, so I dropped it. Webmaster D says that the Powers That Be are revamping the software and it's going to be down off and on.

He also asked me to be sure to try to update the Web site. I have it set as my home page in IE on my Mac. I clicked on the Home button, and it didn't load, didn't load, didn't load. Finally, my Mac froze and I had to restart. I would say that was proof the site was down.

I finally left at midnight.

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