Friday, February 23, 2007

Surgery surprise

Warning: a bit gross

We got an unpleasant surprise Thursday morning. After thinking Mom would come home this weekend, we found out that she would have surgery instead.

I called my dad's house Thursday morning after Mom told me about the surgery. Michele answered, and I told her about Mom's condition and asked her to put Mom's name on the prayer rolls at the Nauvoo Temple. Michele has a health issue in her own family - a great niece who is gravely ill. So she's already called the temple once this week for someone. Michele was very reassuring and comforting.

I stopped by in the morning before I picked up my check. Mom wrote checks to pay her rent and cable bill, and her tithing (which I will pay for her on Sunday). We talked about the surgery and possible outcomes. Mom said she's sure that when she dies, Donna and I will be able to sort through her stuff without causing problems for each other. I hope so. I did tell her that I'm not ready to let her go yet and she said she's not ready to go. But she's praying "Thy will be done."

The surgeon cut away some infected flesh and the wound is packed so it can drain. I got to see Mom this evening after she was out of surgery/recovery. I walked in her room while two nurses (or a nurse and student) were taking her BP with a machine. Mom was complaining bitterly. ;) She said they were torturing her. I said, "good, then you won't miss me when I'm not here."

I got to stay with her awhile before I headed back to work.

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