Sunday, February 25, 2007

One-two whammy

It's not just an ice storm, it's not just a snow storm, it's two storms in one! (remember the old Certs commercials?)

It started with an ice storm. That began around midnight Friday with rain, freezing rain and sleet. Around 4 p.m. Saturday, it started to snow. I had gone to work Saturday (after chipping 1/4 inch of ice off my windows). I slept at Mom's apartment last night. I didn't want to risk trying to drive home in the dark. I've driven home in snow storms before, but not after an ice storm.

Church was canceled - we knew that yesterday. A TV station in Des Moines had 664 closings and delays reported just before I began this blog entry. We haven't received our Sunday paper yet - it's after 11 a.m. I'm not mad about that, because I know how bad it is.

I work at the paper, and the editor on desk last night had to leave early last night. Her neighbor works for the county and told her that the county road crews were ordered to be off the roads by 7 p.m. Her county had run out of road salt and sand.

So, I called the office this morning just before 8:30 and found out that the trucks delivering the papers had just left the printing plant 20 miles away to bring papers into Fort Dodge, where they will be distributed to the carriers.

More than 150,000 people in Iowa lost electricity because of the storm, and some will be without power for days. We didn't lost power, for which I'm very thankful. I would have driven home and brought the girls back to Mom's apartment or Donna's house if we didn't have power at home. I'm glad I didn't have to do that.

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