Monday, February 19, 2007

Life is fun ...

Mom's still in the hospital. Her infection isn't cleared up yet, and because of the IV her leg is swollen to twice its normal size. We're not sure when she will get out.

I took the girls to see her Sunday after church. Later in the afternoon, Cayla complained that she didn't feel good. She got a slight fever, and around 1:30 a.m. she threw up a little. So, I planned for her to not go to school and set my alarm for 10 a.m., thinking, it's good to sleep in once in awhile.

Cayla came to me at 7:30 and said she was developing spots. Yep, she's got chicken pox. I called: her school to say she won't be there this week, the nurses' station on Mom's floor to explain that I brought a contagious child to the hospital on Sunday, the three people who visited Mom when we did (one is a superintendent at a school district, one works in a lab and one is a school teacher), a couple - the wife is pregnant and might have been exposed, the mom of the three young children Cayla played with at church, and one of the people who supervises the children's Sunday school program. Whew! My dialing finger is tired. ;-)

I had an amusing time looking up information on chicken pox (Monday) morning, too. One site has home remedies. Two people voted for applying breast milk to the spots (sorry, we're all out! Youngest child is 11.). One person suggested eating lots of pudding and applying Mountain Dew to the spots. I would think that would make you sticky. ...

In the morning, I'll need to call Cayla's school to see if I can get her books so she can work on stuff while she's at home. I think the poor kid is actually looking forward to doing homework.

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