Monday, February 14, 2005

Wow, I gotta blog more often ...

because I'll forget everything when I try to catch up.

I'm participating in a weight-loss challenge at the Fort Dodge YMCA. I'm blogging about it. I've lost about 11 pounds so far. I'm also writing about it for The Messenger. That is scary, but I've gotten positive comments so far.

I'm still teaching the Gospel Doctrine class in my ward, which is also scary. I need to study more.

I tried downloading the scriptures on MP3 to burn to CD and then copy to cassette, but Kent's stereo isn't reading the CD, so I can't record. There is a brother in my class who is mostly deaf - he can hear a little. I wanted to make the cassettes so I could listen in the car, and so he could listen at home.

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