Friday, February 25, 2005

Poor, poor pitiful me

Yesterday had its ups and downs. I got paid, but not as much as I expected. Money was taken out due to a wage attachment by the Iowa Department of Revenue for back taxes. The thing is, we don't owe what they say they owe. We're going to get a chance to get our proof, though, and they graciously allowed me to get back the money that was taken out of my check. I had to get a money order for $39 to send to the IRS requesting our tax return information from 1996 and sent that off.

I had an unhappy day, though. I had to pay $253 for car repairs, and when we got home after picking up my check, we found out that the water had been turned off. I couldn't pay the bill by Feb. 23 because I didn't get my check until Feb. 24, so I got to pay an extra $20 on top of the $62 that was due.

On the subject of car repairs, I'm driving on bald tires, and the passenger side rear brakes are grinding ... so I can expect to repair that next. I just hope it can wait until my next check ...

All in all, the whole money thing depressed me to the point of crying. Before my work cut a replacement check to reimburse the money that was taken out, I had to go to my mechanic and tell him I couldn't pay the whole thing. I was crying. Honestly, I guess I just have to let it out once in a while, but it's kind of embarrassing. Then I had to go to work right after that, and my face was all red and puffy. A coworker asked me if I was upset, and yeah, I was. I told her I didn't want to talk about it, then walked over to her desk and said that it would just make me cry again. She patted my hand and I went back to my desk.

Anyway, I did get a check to replace the money, and I went back to my mechanic and paid off the rest of the bill. That left me with $64 for the next 2 weeks, which isn't going to go far.

And, I have a cold. How pitiful is that?

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Dale Miller said...

Yikes! I remember those times in my life too, when the IRS was dunning us and a subtraction error (my fault) led to a $5 overdraft and after the checks stopped bouncing the overdraft was $150 due to bank fees.

Water turned off? Yep, electricity too. Of course, we didn't have children and that makes a world of difference.

I am so sorry that things have been rough for you. I stopped by to congratulate you on your newspaper series - pretty impressive! Further enhancing your journalist credentials... so are you planning on going to any writers workshops (given the chance)?

And congrats on the weight loss - its something I really should get serious about. :-/