Sunday, January 2, 2005

Sunday on ice

We (a great deal of Iowa) were treated to freezing rain for much of yesterday. So, apparently (based on a phone call from Mom) we're only having Sacrament meeting today. I have some business with the bishop, so I'll be there. I don't feel prepared for my Sunday School lesson, so I feel a mixture of relief and disappointment. Relief because I was concerned about giving the lesson and disappointment because in a strange way, I was looking forward to the lesson.

Updates: On Dec. 19, my car decided that "Drive" wasn't going to work, so I ended up driving home from church in second gear. From Fort Dodge to Otho, on P59. I would pull over and let long strings of cars go by, then start driving again. Got home safely, if a bit scared. It wasn't until the following Thursday that we were able to add transmission fluid, so I drove Kent's car - the 1993 Ford Escort wagon. (Manual transmission - ugh)

So, Kent put transmission fluid in the car and tried it out. It would go forward, but not in reverse. We figured that meant either a) an expensive transmission fix or b) something not so expensive, but we could never trust the car again. So, we junked it. The car took its last drive last Monday, to the junkyard. We got $40 for it because we kept the battery. Otherwise, we would have gotten $50. We took the battery back to the place where we bought it in November and they gave us back the money (in store credit). That was fine with us. ;)

And, I'm buying Donna's Chevy Lumina sedan. It needed a new starter, and that's been fixed, at my expense. It also needs something done about the windshield wipers, which don't work properly. They go out, but don't come back. The one on the passenger side goes so far that it goes on the side by the door. So, I'll have to get that fixed before too long. It probably needs new tires, too, but I'm hoping that can wait a month or so.

Well, it's time to get ready for church. See ya later. ;)

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