Saturday, October 30, 2004

truly random babble

It's 1:43 a.m. Saturday. The wind is picking up. There's a wind advisory until 4 p.m. Great. Hope I get to sleep when I finally go to bed.

Kent has decided to go visit some friend of his in Canada. Some Internet friend. Allegedly a male. Whoop-ti-do. He's going to buy his bus ticket next week, then go the following week. Doesn't matter what goes on here - the fact that I work evenings and even if I can get Mom or my nieces to babysit, I would be bringing the girls home late and disrupt their sleeping habits doesn't matter. Just lovely.

I haven't prepared my Sunday School lesson yet. I'll do that after I get up. I have to remember to go into work a bit earlier because I have to make sure a fax gets sent by 5 p.m.

I was watching an episode of Farscape - Home on the Remains - the other night and a commercial for Claritin came on during the show. Wow - talk about synchronicity.

There was a "Fall Festival" at church - Friday night, tonight, whatever you want to call it. I'm still up, so it seems like tonight. Anyway, I had to leave my girls at church with Jessica and Suzanna so I could go back to work. I got my car back after it not working for a week. I had to have it towed into town ($50), then repaired ($213.69). It was the starter. I had to drive to the garage to get my keys, drive home, wait for Kent to get off the computer so we could drive back to town with the girls, cash a check, go eat at Taco Bell, pick up my car, (this is where Kent drove the girls to church and waited til I got there), buy some candy to hand out for trunk-or-treat in the parking lot, and drive to church. Dropped the candy and our Halloween bowl off with Jessica, got a cookie that Cayla decorated, and went back to work. Jessica called about an hour later and I picked them (Jessica, Suzanna, Suzanna's friend, Amanda, Cayla) up and drove Suzanna and her friend to her friend's house, and Jessica, Amanda and Cayla over to Donna's. Then back to work. After work, picked up the girls and went to Wal-Mart. Then home, and on the computer.

Now, to bed.

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