Friday, October 8, 2004

It's been awhile ...

since I blogged. The last time I attempted to blog, I couldn't even sign in. Then, I wanted to add in our trip to Nauvoo, but I won't do that today. Either I'll put it in Notepad and then add it, or I'll post it on my personal Web site.

We've had a lot happen in the last 2 1/2 months. Cayla cut her finger badly on Aug. 7 and had to have stitches. We went to Nauvoo on a 2-day trip. That is not nearly enough time to see anything at all. Even Kent wants to go back, which is amazing. Especially since we spent time with Dad and Michele, probably Kent's two least favorite people in my family ... which is saying quite a lot.

School started at the end of August. Cayla is in third grade and the TAG - Talented and Gifted - program at school. Amanda is in sixth grade. Kent still hasn't found a job, but we're trying to get an Internet business going. Interested in learning how to sell on eBay and make money?

We have two more Web sites that we are paying for, but don't have a solid idea on what to sell. We need to get set up with a product line and wholesaler - preferably one who will dropship orders.

Kent's car has an unusual problem - the front passenger window motor doesn't work, and the window will come down on its own. A replacement motor is about $280. He's got duct tape across the top of the window to give it grip, and a shim covered in duct tape at the bottom to hold it up. It's going to have to wait, though, because we just don't have the money.

That will do for now. I'll have more updates after Sunday - waiting on confirmation of something.

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