Monday, June 28, 2004

Trying new things

I've been slightly more concerned than usual about the possibility of getting hacked. I don't have anything special going on - my browing habits shouldn't be of interest to anyone but me, but some friends have had some problems and it's in the news more and more.

And, tonight on Hatrack River, some people said there was "a nasty and vulgar message that looked like the site had been hacked." Since IE is more vulnerable to hacking, I am trying Firefox. We'll see how it goes. I like that it imported my bookmarks, but I don't like that it rearranged them. I don't even know what the criteria was - they aren't in alphabetical or chronological order as far as I can tell.

And ... earlier I took the girls into town. I needed to pick up one more item for my exchange gift (group of online friends/acquaintenances). We got that, went for ice cream and headed over to Oleson Park. That part was a surprise for the girls. We looked at the animals, walking as far along the south part of the fence as we could going west. There is a path that goes down, but it's closed. There's a rickety bridge going across a stream and I wouldn't let the girls go that way, so we had to head back. I took pictures of the animals and Amanda and Cayla.

The girls wanted to go play, so I said okay. I took a couple of pictures of them on the swings, then Amanda went to the other set of swings. I tried to take a picture of Cayla and she turned her back to me. I got upset and formatted the card, deleting all the pictures. I know it's childish, but I'm tired of taking pictures of the back of people's heads when they turn their back on me. Maybe I'll confine myself to taking pictures of flowers and storms - they can't complain.

And I'm up to October 2000 of the Sluggy Freelance comics. I'll get caught up yet.

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