Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Gmail achieved!

I got my invitation to Gmail! Someone at Hatrack River invited me. So I changed my email in my profile and now I can't log back in. Well, she warned me ... in a way ... that's what happened to her.

I should go to work - should have gone already. I have to work about 10 hours today and tomorrow - each day. Crap. I hate when I do this, yet I do it every week.

Payday is tomorrow. That's good, because I am soooo broke. I'll be soooo broke again on Friday, but at least the rent will be paid.

Oh, and got my hair cut yesterday. Kent did it with his hair clippers. He did a pretty good job, judging by the compliments I got at work, but he cut it about 3 inches shorter than I asked. I need to find a scissors to clip a section that didn't get cut to the same length as the rest.

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