Saturday, May 24, 2003

Well, it's Saturday and we're all back at home. Kent, of course, never left. Cayla was at Donna's house. Amanda and I went to Camp Foster for two days with the fourth grade classes from her school. It's a 20-year tradition. There were lots of scheduled activities and Amanda got to try them all - right up until it really started to rain. At that point, her team was out on the lake in canoes, but they quickly paddled in. The next activity was supposed to be Beach Games, but turned out to be inside games.

Amanda had fun, and so did I. I participated in some of the activities - like archery and the obstacle course (as a spotter). I tried to get on a horse, but was having problems and decided to wait it out so I wouldn't delay the team further. We were running late already. I passed on the canoeing - which was very lucky, as it turned out. The sprinkles became a downpour very quickly.

One of the songs was "Tony Chestnut." I'm trying to find the same version that we were taught, but no luck so far.

Normally, after so much activity, I would have no trouble sleeping, but the beds in the cabins were hard and uncomfortable.I woke up many times during the night.

Friday morning, we went to the Maritime Museum at Arnold's Park, the Abbie Gardner Cabin, and the Fish Hatchery at Spirit Lake. Then it was back to camp, lunch, pack our stuff and go. I had forgotten to tell Donna to pick me up, so I had to call Kent at work and tell him to pick us up. We got back to the school around 3:30 and he gets off work at 4. We were the last ones to leave, even after Mrs. Whiting, and she had to do some work before her husband came to pick her up.

When Kent came to get Amanda and me, we all headed over to Donna's to pick up Cayla. She didn't want to leave right away, because Donna was bringing her a kid's meal, so we waited.Then we were off to Hy-Vee to do a little grocery shopping, and then home. We got stuff for plate tacos, but nobody wanted to cook, so I went to the Otho Pub for loaded hashbrowns (hashbrowns with cheese, onions & peppers). Kent, of course, was on the computer until after midnight - except for the half hour or so he was on the phone in the bedroom but had to have the computer left alone while he was gone.

Now, I've been online for a couple of hours. I haven't found the exact version of "Tony Chestnut" that we heard at camp, and I should be getting ready for work. Ah, I might as well - can't put it off any longer. I work tonight, I'm off tomorrow, then I work six nights in a row. Fun.

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