Friday, May 16, 2003

In my last post, moaning about how tired I am, I didn't mention an upcoming event. Enrichment Night for Relief Society is next Tuesday. I was asked to teach a mini-class, and the following Sunday the whole R.S. presidency changed. I don't know if they are planning on me teaching the mini-class or not, now. Nobody has contacted me, I don't have the new R.S. president's phone number, I just have to act like I'll be doing it and see what happens. The class is about heritage albums. I have some of the stuff I need, but I haven't really worked on one, and I have to have at least a couple of pages ready by Tuesday... ack. I won't be ready, of course. Also, Thursday and Friday of next week, I'll be going on a trip with Amanda's class to Okoboji, as a chaperone. I'm getting more tired just thinking about it! LOL

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