Friday, May 16, 2003

Well, I got my art project completed, sort of. It wasn't what I imagined at the beginning, but I hope I got my point across. I haven't gotten my grades back yet. And, of course, I haven't found a new template and updated the look of this yet. I'm tired (when am I not?) and I have to go to work (which I'm delaying). And I'm hungry, but don't quite feel like eating anything we have. It's all just sort of blah.

This week at work, we've been having more computer problems than normal. Tuesday night, the news server went down twice. That's the server that the pages are stored on, so if no server, no work gets done. (I work at The Messenger, the newspaper in Fort Dodge, Iowa.) As bad as Tuesday was, Wednesday was so, so much worse. That night the server went down and never came back. Our IT guy, David, had to restore pages from backup (incomplete, of course) and save them to another server. The new location wasn't mapped like the original, so it was like going to a new drive to find them.

One responsibility I have it to wait until the printing plant calls to say they have all the pages and everything is okay. If they were to call with a problem, I would just have to call one of the IT guys and have them fix it, probably. But, four of the five nights I work, I'm supposed to stay late. Wednesday nights, particularly, since there are extra publications that are printed that night. I have to wait and make sure they got all of those pages, too. This last Wednesday, I left at 1:45 a.m. David (IT guy) left at 8 a.m. He'd been up all night restoring the stuff from backup.

Anyway, I'm still recovering from that night and really want to go take a nap (one of my favorite "activities"), but have a stinking page to do for Sunday business section. I just called and talked to Barbara, hoping she would say she needed the space on that page for something... but no luck. I still have to go in. I work tonight, too.

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