Monday, April 14, 2003

One week ago, we had a snow day. Today the temperature is in the 80s.

Friday the girls didn't have school because it was a comp day for teachers. They had to stay later on Tuesday and Thursday for parent-teacher conferences. Cayla learned to ride a bike and showed Amanda. Now all they want to do is ride their bikes. Cayla's report card was very good, Amanda's was very bad. Kent bought Cayla a new bike at Walmart; Amanda can use the used one that we already had that doesn't look very nice. We don't know how to motivate Amanda to get things done.

Thursday, I bought "The Sims Deluxe" and "Unleashed" and have played into the wee hours of the morning Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Bad move. I missed classes again today. I was supposed to turn in a paper that I haven't really even started on... guess I'll be busy tomorrow. When I finally went to bed around 4:15 a.m., I started thinking and realized that Relief Society should be tomorrow, so I will have tomorrow off - but I will work tonight. I don't have a copy of my schedule at home, so I have to assume I remembered correctly and be ready to go to work. So, I slept today instead of going to classes. Another day wasted. I'm going to have to set a timer or something when I play.

I still haven't switched my website or changed the graphics (see previous post of April 4). Guess I need to learn how to motivate myself ... not just Amanda.

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