Friday, April 25, 2003

It's all fun and games until Mommy starts singing...
Mom wanted a ride to the store today, so I picked her up on the way from work as I was going to pick the girls up after school. While we were driving to Kent's work, Cayla was singing a song she learned at school. It was something about going to visit someone and they were sick and then they died. I think it was "Jenny Jones" or something. She's asleep now and I did a web search and didn't find it, anyway... She was singing happily and Mom said the song sounded depressing. It reminded me of the "Peanut Song." (Not the one with the train - the one where you found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now... )

Cayla demanded we sing the song to her, so we gave it a try. We foundered near the end, but Mom kept going. We always forget the last couple of verses. Anyway, Cayla loved the song so much she added a couple of verses. After you "went the other way," she added "got crispy" and "pile of ashes." Not bad for a 7-year-old, I guess. She and Amanda were having a hilarious time with the song, but I had to tell them I was getting a headache so they would stop singing, or I would get a headache.

When Kent got off work, we went to Walmart. Amanda has a presentation and I got the stuff so she could practice and also make the freeze pops for her class. Also, I've been wearing my tennis shoes (okay, athletic shoes) to work nearly all the time. Next week we are having a corporate visitor, so I can't wear them during that time. So, I bought a pair of shoes. I think they are kind of cute. They were a tiny bit tight, but I tried them on with ankle socks on and they are meant to wear with hose. I, of course, will wear them with pants and knee-highs. I don't wear pantyhose anymore. Ah, freedom.

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