Monday, April 14, 2003

And... my car is fixed. It turns out it wasn't leaking oil, although it had in the past... Apparently, we put too much oil in it. So, it's fixed, I only have to pay about $25, and I can pick it up today.

Looking back, I see I didn't post about the car needing repairs. Ok, Cliff Notes version: oil light went on, I added oil. Went to Kent's work, he added more because the light was on again. I thought he checked the level, but I guess not. I drove home, found out later Kent saw a puddle of oil under my car at his work but didn't tell me (he could have called on the cell phone and I would have driven to the garage right then) because "I wanted to teach you a lesson about taking care of your car." Nice. Anyway, the car has been sitting in the driveway for nearly 2 weeks because I thought it had run out of oil and didn't want to drive it. Kent drove it to the garage yesterday and I picked him up in his car. Car is fixed, not a big bill, happy ending. Except, I think he's a jerk to risk the lives of his family to "teach a lesson" when he could have called me and I would have had it taken care of right away.

The only bit of revenge I have for this is the fact we've been using his car exclusively for nearly 2 weeks. He drives to work with all of us, I take the girls to school and then do what I have to do. I pick the girls up, pick him up, he drives home. I drive to work and home. Things would have gone smoother for all of us if we hadn't been relying on one car all this time. He was late for work a couple of days.

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