Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Accidents happen

They do.

They really do.

And you try to prepare and teach your child this and try to get them to be cautious and everything.

But accidents happen.

Tonight, Cayla experienced this and she doesn't like it. She was at an intersection and realized if she turned the way she was going, she would be going the wrong way on a one-way. So she backed up a little ... into another car.

There's a crack about 8 inches long in my van's back bumper. She said the other driver said he didn't have enough damage to report. She didn't get his information, but he did get hers.

I called the police non-emergency number and an officer came out to look at our van. He isn't filing a report because there's so little damage. I also called our insurance company.

Cayla is still shook up. I'm just glad she's not hurt (or anybody else).

And I hope this lesson is all it takes. It's so hard for a teenager to hit that balance between caution and initiative.

We had a car (an Escort wagon) that I was driving when it was hit - two separate times. The first time, I was driving through my bank's parking lot when someone backed out from a parking space into my car. That took months to get settled with their insurance. I think the driver delayed filling out paperwork with her insurance company.

Another time I was driving to work and a driver pulled out from a stop sign in front of me. I was looking to the right for a couple of seconds and the driver came from the left. I didn't see her and my car hit hers. But I had the right of way and she should not have been in my path. That also took months but eventually we got a final check (the car was totalled this time - I clipped the rear corner of the minivan and it put a sizeable dent in the front of my car, as if it had hit a tree).

So, things could be much worse. Cayla is okay, nobody in the other car claimed to be hurt, there isn't much damage and hopefully the other driver won't make a claim.

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