Saturday, May 4, 2013

A nice day for a white wedding

My niece Jessica is getting married today.

It was supposed to be a nice day in May, and there were supposed to be flowers in the garden at the historic church where the wedding will take place.

Instead, the high will be about 54 degrees and there is currently still snow on the ground from Thursday's snowstorm.

You just can't plan everything.

I'll probably do a longer post later tonight, when we get home from the reception. I took pictures at the rehearsal last night and at the reception site where family members were decorating. But I need to get a little bit more sleep before getting on with the day.

My schedule:
  1. Get up and dressed. Cayla get up and shower and dress, then we go to Donna's apartment, where Cayla will work on the signs and I will peel potatoes. 
  2. When the potato salad and Watergate salad are made, I go back home and wrap the gift that my friend Mara and I bought together. This is when I take my shower and take a nap, not necessarily in that order.
  3. Cayla goes with Donna and Jessica to get makeup and hair done, then they all go to the church together. I want until Cayla's boyfriend Daniel gets off work and gets ready to go.
  4. We (Daniel and I) drive up to the church. The wedding happens.
  5. Cayla and Daniel and I drive to the reception. The reception happens.
  6. We drive home. I go to bed.

That's pretty how much my day should turn out. Photos to come.

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